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5 Essential Ebook Deals for Church Leaders – 27 June 2024

Here are 5 essential June 2024 ebook deals that are worth checking out: Flannery O’Connor, Mary Oliver, Alan Roxburgh, more…

Each week, we carefully curate a handful of books for church leaders that orient us toward the health and the flourishing of our congregations.


Wise Blood

Flannery O’Connor

*** $2.99 ***

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get the audiobook for $7.49!!!

Wise Blood, Flannery O’Connor’s astonishing and haunting first novel, is a classic of twentieth-century literature. It is the story of Hazel Motes, a twenty-two-year-old caught in an unending struggle against his inborn, desperate fate. He falls under the spell of a “blind” street preacher named Asa Hawks and his degenerate fifteen-year-old daughter, Sabbath Lily. In an ironic, malicious gesture of his own non-faith, and to prove himself a greater cynic than Hawks, Motes founds the Church Without Christ, but is still thwarted in his efforts to lose God. He meets Enoch Emery, a young man with “wise blood,” who leads him to a mummified holy child and whose crazy maneuvers are a manifestation of Motes’s existential struggles.


Dream Work

Mary Oliver

*** $3.99 ***

“One of the astonishing aspects of [Oliver’s] work is the consistency of tone over this long period. What changes is an increased focus on nature and an increased precision with language that has made her one of our very best poets. . . . These poems sustain us rather than divert us. Although few poets have fewer human beings in their poems than Mary Oliver, it is ironic that few poets also go so far to help us forward.” —Stephen Dobyns, The New York Times Book Review

Dream Work, a collection of forty-five poems, follows Mary Oliver’s Pulitzer Prize-winning poetry volume American Primitive. The deep perceptual awareness on display in that collection is all the more radiant and steadfast here. With this new collection, Oliver has turned her attention to the solitary and difficult labors of the spirit–to accepting the truth about one’s personal world, and to valuing the triumphs while transcending the fail­ures of human relationships.



Joining God in the Great Unraveling: Where We Are & What I’ve Learned

Alan Roxburgh

*** $2.99 ***

“After twenty years or more of the missional conversation, Al Roxburgh takes us on a much-needed reflective break, leading us through the questions all over again. In Joining God in the Great Unraveling, he leads us past our church-based anxiety to what we have been missing: a fresh encounter with the living God at work in our world. A wonderful, mesmerizing piece by a towering missiologist scholar that is sure to help every pastor lead in this cultural moment.”
–David Fitch, author of Faithful Presence and professor at Northern Seminary

“Alan Roxburgh takes us on a ‘how I’ve changed my mind’ autobiographical journey–rich with intelligent conversation partners, incisive theo-cultural analysis, and hopeful on-the-ground opportunities for walking a gospel path… Instead of remaining in a house of language that hides the gospel inside abstractions, Roxburgh pursues ways of knowing… and the skills we need to discern where and how God is in our midst, among our neighbors and in our geographies–and we are invited to join.”
–Mark Lau Branson


The Sparrow: A Novel

Mary Doria Russell

*** $2.99 ***

 *** PLUS, Buy the Ebook, and 
get the audiobook for $3.99!!!

A visionary work that combines speculative fiction with deep philosophical inquiry, The Sparrow tells the story of a charismatic Jesuit priest and linguist, Emilio Sandoz, who leads a scientific mission entrusted with a profound task: to make first contact with intelligent extraterrestrial life. The mission begins in faith, hope, and beauty, but a series of small misunderstandings brings it to a catastrophic end.

“A startling, engrossing, and moral work of fiction.”—The New York Times Book Review

“Important novels leave deep cracks in our beliefs, our prejudices, and our blinders. The Sparrow is one of them.”—Entertainment Weekly

“Powerful . . . The Sparrow tackles a difficult subject with grace and intelligence.”—San Francisco Chronicle


Healing Haunted Histories: A Settler Discipleship of Decolonization

Elaine Enns and Ched Myers

*** $2.99 ***

“Enns and Myers excavate the traumatic impact of settler colonialism and reckon the resulting settler amnesia with a Christian model of restorative justice that foregrounds Indigenous perspectives, experiences, and histories.”
–Mark MacDonald, National Indigenous Anglican Archbishop for that part of Turtle Island often called Canada

“Healing Haunted Histories is a powerful testimony, a prophetic witness, and a humble gesture toward ‘saving the soul of America’ through deep engagement with our own family stories.”
–Jonathan Cordero (Ohlone and Chumash), Assistant Professor of Sociology, California Lutheran University


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