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5 Essential Ebook Deals for Church Leaders – 14 March 2024


Here are 5 essential March 2024 ebook deals that are worth checking out: Eugene Peterson, Aimee Byrd, Greg Boyd, more…

Each week, we carefully curate a handful of books for church leaders that orient us toward the health and the flourishing of our congregations.


This Hallelujah Banquet: How the End of What We Were Reveals Who We Can Be

Eugene Peterson

*** $1.99 ***

In this powerful new interpretation of the book of Revelation, the late, revered author and translator of The Message Bible offers timely insights into how we can lean into growth, not in spite of challenging times, but because of them.

“Insightful and inviting . . . This is Eugene at his pastoral best.”
—Rev. Dr. Glenn Packiam, author of Blessed Broken Given

The book of Revelation is filled with angels and dragons, fantastic beasts and golden cities, bottomless pits and mysterious numbers. It’s dramatic, sure—but what exactly does that have to do with the tests we face today?

Actually, a lot.


Recovering from Biblical Manhood and Womanhood: How the Church Needs to Rediscover Her Purpose

Aimee Byrd

*** $1.99 ***

“We’re confused by the disagreements, constricted by the “rules,” and seemingly helpless to discern what’s true. This is why Aimee Byrd’s book is so important. Wading through the cultural murkiness, Byrd returns us to the Scriptures with theological rigor.”
—Jen Pollock Michel, Award-winning author of Surprised by Paradox and Keeping Place

“With a deep reverence for Scripture and a sincere search for truth, Aimee Byrd peels back the layers of culturally informed teachings on gender that keep both women and men from flourishing in Christ and in relationship with each other.
—Katelyn Beaty, author of A Woman’s Place



The Myth of a Christian Nation: How the Quest for Political Power Is Destroying the Church

Greg Boyd

*** $2.99 ***

*** PLUS, Buy the ebook, and
get the ebook for only $7.47!!!

“Boyd’s intervention into the discussion is welcome. He is bold,… passionate, and discerning, while still attempting to be charitable. Boyd doesn’t pull punches, denouncing the nationalistic “idolatry” of American evangelicalism, which often fuses the cross and the flag. Boyd also calls without apology for a renewed Christian commitment to nonviolence, citing the Anabaptist refrains of John Howard Yoder, Stanley Hauerwas, and Lee Camp. But Boyd’s claims can’t be dismissed as mere ranting of a Christian leftist. Rather, one senses that his are the expressions of a pastor’s broken heart which, every once in a while, bubbles over into a kind of restrained, low-boil anger.”
— Christianity Today



This Is the Story of a Happy Marriage

Ann Patchett

*** $2.99 ***

“Reading Patchett is like spending time with a deeply perceptive longtime pal, or a new friend that one instantly connects with.”
— USA Today

“I had been so engaged by Ann Patchett’s multifaceted story, so lured in by her confiding voice, that I forgot I was on the job. […] As the best personal essays often do, Patchett’s is a two-way mirror, reflecting both the author and her readers.”
— New York Times Book Review


Under Pressure: Rescuing Our Children from the Culture of Hyper-Parenting

Carl Honore

*** $1.99 ***

*** PLUS, Buy the ebook, and
get the ebook for only $7.49!!!

“Why do grown-ups have to take over everything?” This innocent question from acclaimed journalist and international bestselling author Carl Honoré’s son sparked a two-year investigation into how our culture of speed, efficiency, and success at all costs is damaging both parents and children. When the impulse to give children the best of everything runs rampant, parents, schools, communities, and corporations unwittingly combine forces to create over-scheduled, over-stimulated, and overindulged kids. The mere mention of potty-training, ballet classes, preschool, ADD, or overeating is enough to spark a heated debate about the right way to raise our children. The problem is that despite the best intentions of all involved, the pressure to manage every detail of our children’s lives from in utero through college is overwhelming.


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