What is the Pietist Option?

October 18, 2017 — Leave a comment


Another of the best theology books released this month is: 

The Pietist Option:
Hope for the Renewal of Christianity

Christopher Gehrz / Mark Pattie III

Hardback: IVP Books, 2017
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Like Rod Dreher’s Benedict Option, released earlier this year,
Gehrz and Pattie invite the church into a timely new way of being…


The four instincts that are at the heart of The Pietist Option:

  1. We EXPERIENCE life with God. Christian faith is primarily relational.
  2. Christians are BETTER TOGETHER than apart. We lament the divisions in Christ’s body
  3. Christianity is LESS complex than we often make it, but also MORE encompassing and significant than we make it.
  4. No matter how bad things get, Christians have HOPE for better times.


Watch this brief video in which Gehrz introduces these instincts…