We’re Giving Away Two Copies of Leonard Sweet’s NUDGE!

We are giving away two copies of Leonard Sweet‘s brand new book NUDGE (David C. Cook).  [ Read our review of NUDGE… ]

How to enter to win:

  1. Be connected with the ERB in at least one of these three ways:
    – Follow us on Twitter:  http://twitter.com/ERBks
    – “Like” our Facebook page
    – Receive weekly issues of the ERB via free email subscription.
  2. Announce the contest on Twitter, Facebook or your blog:
    The Englewood Review (@ERBks ) is giving away 2 copies of  @LenSweet ‘s new book NUDGE! Enter here: http://su.pr/1MJfQD

  3. (IMPORTANT!) Post a comment to this announcement with your name, how you’re connected with the ERB (#1) and a link to your post for #2.   We will choose our winners from among those who have left comments.
  4. You may enter one time per day for the duration of the contest.
  5. We will pick two winners at random from the eligible contestants and notify them via email.

The contest will end at 12PM ET on Wednesday September 29th.