St. John of the Cross – Free Ebooks and More!

June 24, 2013


St. John of the CrossThe mystic and poet St. John of the Cross was born on this day in 1542!

Saint John of the Cross, O.C.D. was a major figure of the Counter-Reformation, a Spanish mystic, a Roman Catholic saint, a Carmelite friar and a priest who was born at Fontiveros, Old Castile. John of the Cross was a reformer of the Carmelite Order and is considered, along with Saint Teresa of Ávila, as a founder of the Discalced Carmelites. He is also known for his writings. Both his poetry and his studies on the growth of the soul are considered the summit of mystical Spanish literature and one of the peaks of all Spanish literature. He was canonized as a saint in 1726 by Pope Benedict XIII.  (via Wikipedia)

One of his most famous poems is “Spiritual Canticle,” which can be read in three parts here:

  1. Stanzas I-XIII
  2. Stanzas XIV-XXIII
  3. Stanzas XXIV-XL



Two of the most familiar books by St. John of the Cross are available
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 [ Dark Night of the Soul ]    [ Ascent of Mt. Carmel ]