Shane Claiborne – Writers on the Classics #1

January 4, 2013 — 5 Comments


Shane ClaiborneIn 2013, we are encouraging our readers to mix up their reading habits, and read (or re-read) classics in addition to new books, such as the ones we review here in the ERB.


Broadly speaking, a classic is any book that is not a new book, or in other words that is worth reading five, ten or even one hundred years after its initial publication.  ERB Editor Chris Smith has a new piece on The Huffington Post website arguing for reading a mix of classics and new books in 2013.


We’ve asked a number of noted writers to pick the classics that they often return to, and we will be running these lists as a weekly feature on our website through 2013.


We launch this series with a list of classics by Shane Claiborne.

Shane is a founding partner of The Simple Way, a Christian community in Philadelphia and author of the bestselling book The Irresistible Revolution: Living as an Ordinary Radical.


Dorothy Day: Selected Writings
Robert Ellsberg, ed.

The Violence of Love
By Oscar Romero
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Pedagogy of the Oppressed
by Paulo Freire

Letter from a Birmingham Jail
by Martin Luther King, Jr.

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  • David

    This is interesting, although it would be nice to know why he chose the books! As writers, can’t they write something?

  • Anonymous

    When inviting writers to participate in this series, we requested that if possible they include a brief rationale with their titles, and many of the lists that we have received so far do include some degree of explanation (watch for those in coming weeks).

  • What strikes me about this list: Some good reading, but too contemporary. I’d like to think that someone older than Tolstoy has something of value for Claiborne.

  • Wow, definitely not surprised by some of these titles. Being familiar with Shane’s work, I could have guess Bonhoeffer, Thurman, Day, but it is refreshing to see him site Berry, Manning, and Foster as well.

  • dlm

    is there a way to format it so all the books are on the same page?