[Multimedia Tuesday] Wendell Berry Reading his poems – MP3’s!

Download mp3’s of Wendell Berry reading his poetry from the “Speaking of Faith” website!

[ Listen to the full “Speaking of Faith” episode with Ellen Davis and Wendell Berry ]
*** “The Contrariness of the Mad Farmer”  [ download mp3 (2:26)]

*** “How to Be a Poet”  [ download mp3 (1:26)]

*** “The Man Born to Farming” [ download mp3 (:47)]

*** “The Peace of Wild Things” [ download mp3 (:48)]

*** “Sabbaths – 1979, IV” [ download mp3 (3:38)]

*** “Sabbaths – 1985, I” [ download mp3 (1:32)]

*** Postscript to “The Landscaping of Hell: Strip-Mine Morality in East Kentucky” from The Long-Legged House   [ download mp3 (1:25)]

One response to [Multimedia Tuesday] Wendell Berry Reading his poems – MP3’s!

  1. Michael Anthony Howard June 22, 2014 at 10:56 pm

    You guys always make my day!!!

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