Lewis Mumford – On the City – Superb Documentary!

January 26, 2016 — Leave a comment



Today marks the anniversary of the death of Lewis Mumford, historian and social critic.

Mumford was the author of the important book:

The City in History

Harcourt: 1961
National Book Award Winner.
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In conjunction with the success of this book, Mumford made a superb six-part documentary series that spans the book’s content. The full series can be watched online…

If you only have a few minutes, these clips are a solid introduction to the full series:


Watch the full series:

Part 1: The City: Heaven or Hell?


The subsequent parts are available to be watched on the National Film Board (of Canada) website:

[ Part 2 – The City: Cars or People? ]

[ Part 3 – The City and its Region ]

[ Part 4 – The Heart of the City ]

[ Part 5 – The City as Man’s Home ]

[ Part 6 – The City and the Future ]