Dec. 2 – Jen Pollock Michel – Keeping Place [Advent Calendar]

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December 2


*** Best Christian Faith-in-Practice Book ***


Keeping Place:
Reflections on the Meaning of Home

Jen Pollock Michel

Paperback: IVP Books
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Keeping Place, with the biblical narrative at its center, is clearly written for the Christian reader. However, Michel’s ideas about the meaning of home, and her probing questions and personal anecdotes, assure that her writing will reach across religious boundaries into a place deep inside readers from many beliefs and cultures. As much social critique and cultural analysis as religious treatise, Keeping Place will appeal strongly both to those seeking alternatives to the culture of fast and disposable, and to all people who want to make home something more than a place to keep possessions. Well-researched, firmly grounded in a variety of disciplines; personal, yet universal in its themes and queries, Keeping Place: Reflections on the Meaning of Home, is a suitable companion for the journey of spiritual growth and meaning making that is at the heart of being human.

  • from our review by Pam Kittredge, 
    in our Eastertide 2017 magazine issue
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