Advent Treat – “A Rooted People” Audio Recordings #2 [Vol. 3, #45]

December 10, 2010


As our Advent gift to you, we will be uploading the audio recordings from the main sessions of the “A Rooted People: Church, Place and Agriculture in an Urban World” conference.  (Click here for the conference website and more info on the conference).

[ Click here for the first installment of these recordings… ]

Talk #3 – Keynote Talk
“Introduction to ECHO
” – Martin Price
Martin is the former Director of Educational Concerns For Hunger Organization (ECHO) in Ft. Myers, FL.

Talk #4 – Evening Storytelling
“The Story of God, The Story of Us”
– Sean Gladding

Sean is a member of the Communality community in Lexington, KY and author of the new book THE STORY OF GOD, THE STORY OF US  (Read our review… ).