25 Books to Watch For in the Second Half of 2014

August 1, 2014


As a follow-up to yesterday’s list of the 25 best books from the first half of 2014, here are 25 Books to Watch for in the Second Half of 2014.

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Christian Theology/Praxis:

Shrink: Faithful Ministry in a Church-Growth Culture
By Tim Suttle

Overrated: Are We More in Love with the Idea of Changing the World Than Actually Changing the World?
By Eugene Cho

Kingdom Conspiracy: Returning to the Radical Mission of the Local Church
By Scot McKnight

The Sacred Year: Mapping the Soulscape of Spiritual Practice — How Contemplating Apples, Living in a Cave, and Befriending a Dying Woman Revived My Life
By Michael Yankoski

postChristian: What’s Left? Can We Fix It? Do We Care?
By Christian Piatt

Oriented to Faith: Transforming the Conflict over Gay Relationships
By Tim Otto

Red, Brown, Yellow, Black, White—Who’s More Precious In God’s Sight?: A call for diversity in Christian missions and ministry
By Leroy Barber

Slowing Time: Seeing the Sacred Outside Your Kitchen Door
By Barbara Mahany

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Many of these 25 Books to Watch for will be reviewed by us in the next 6 months…


2 responses to 25 Books to Watch For in the Second Half of 2014

  1. Cannot wait for Lila.

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