Top 10 Episodes – The Englewood Review of Books Podcast

Since the spring of 2020, The Englewood Review of Books podcast has featured thoughtful conversations with writers, pastors, and thinkers about the reading life.

We’ve now recorded over 70 episodes (a few of which are still in production, so our list of released episodes only runs to 67.)

For our fans who aren’t regular listeners to the podcast, we’ve compiled the following list of our most downloaded episodes, as a great place to enter into our ongoing conversation about books and the reading life.

Definitely check out the episodes below, but there are many gems that are not on this list, so also check out our full list of episodes and look for authors or topics that pique your interest.

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Episode 35 – John Swinton and Andrew Root (Advent conversation on Time)   (1200+ downloads)


Episode 44 – James K.A. Smith and Jen Pollock Michel (Living Faithfully in Time)   (950+ downloads)


Episode 14 – Lauren Winner and Marilyn McEntyre (On Words, Empathy and Disorientation)     (900+downloads)


Episode 41 – Jessica Hooten Wilson and Karen Swallow Prior (On Reading Classic Literature)    (900+ downloads)


Episode 48 – Katelyn Beaty and Andy Crouch (On Celebrity)    (850+ downloads)


Episode 10 – Esau McCaulley and David W. Swanson (On Race and the Reading Life)  (800+ downloads)


Episode 32 – Hannah Anderson and Chuck DeGroat (On Destructive Spiritual Leadership)    (750+ downloads)


Episode 31 – Ashley Hales and Nathan Oates  (On Stability, Limits, and Ministry)   (750+ downloads)


Episode 46 – Jon M. Sweeney, Andrew Arndt, and Laura Fabrycky (On asceticism in Christian history and tradition)   (750+ downloads)


Episode 15 – Tish Harrison Warren and Stina Kielsmeier-Cook (On Doubt, Suffering, and Vulnerability)   (700+downloads)

NOTE: There were a couple of year-end roundups that were excluded from this list… 

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