Podcast Episode 49: Live from CCDA – Donna Barber & Michelle Ferrigno Warren

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ERB Editor C. Christopher Smith had the chance to sit down at CCDA with two first-time podcast guests Donna Barber and Michelle Ferrigno Warren for a conversation themed about their new books, as well as the work they both do to mobilize people for justice and social change and what sustains them on the journey.

Donna Barber is cofounder of The Voices Project, an organization that influences culture through training and promoting leaders of color. She is also the author of the recent book: Bread for the Resistance: 40 Devotions for Justice People (published by IVP Books).

Michelle Ferrigno Warren is the president and CEO of Virago Strategies, a consulting group that provides strategic direction and project management for civic engagement campaigns alongside communities impacted by racial and economic injustice. She helped found Open Door Ministries, a community development 501(c)(3) corporation in downtown Denver, to address poverty, addiction, and homelessness through social programs. Her most recent book is Join the Resistance: Step into the Good Work of Kingdom Justice (IVP Books, 2022).

Special thanks to IVP for granting the space to record this conversation at the conference!

Books & Writing Mentioned in this Episode:

If you’d like to order any of the following books, we encourage you to do so from Hearts and Minds Books(An independent bookstore in Dallastown, PA, run by Byron and Beth Borger) 

  • Bread for the Resistance: Forty Devotions for Justice People by Donna Barber
  • Join the Resistance: Step Into the Good Work of Kingdom Justice by Michelle Ferrigno Warren
  • The Power of Proximity: Moving Beyond Awareness to Action by Michelle Ferrigno Warren
  • God’s Long Summer: Stories of Faith and Civil Rights by Charles Marsh
  • The Book of Forgiving: The Fourfold Path for Healing Ourselves and Our World by Desmond Tutu and Mph Tutu
  • An Afro-Indigenous History of the United States by Kyle T. Mays
  • Truth’s Table: Black Women’s Musings on Life, Love and Liberation by Ekemini Uwan, Christina Edmonson & Michelle Higgins
  • State of Terror by Hillary Clinton and Louise Penney
  • Voices of Lament: Reflections on Brokenness and Hope in a World Longing for Justice edited by Natasha Sistrunk Robinson
  • The Feminist Mystique by Betty Friedan
  • A War on My Body: A War on My Rights by Paxton Smith et al.

If you’d like to order any of the above books, we encourage you to do so from Hearts and Minds Books
(An independent bookstore in Dallastown, PA, run by Byron and Beth Borger)

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