Jan. 6 – Meg Wolitzer – The Female Persuasion [Advent Calendar]

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January 6


The Female Persuasion:
A Novel

Meg Wolitzer

Hardback: Riverhead Books, 2018
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The brilliance and imperfection of Wolitzer’s book may well be that it’s so spot on. A less skilled writer might have rendered the characters and plot trite, but in her hands the nuances of power spring to life through the lives of women both challenging and benefiting from the systems that govern their worlds. Like Greer, like Zee, I stand on the shoulders of the women who came before me, both their successes and their failures, but also their mistakes—mistakes being different than failures in subtle, important ways. Wolitzer captures this tension well at some points. At times, I resonate with Greer, but I also resonate with the wise beyond her years, whip smart feminist babysitter, Kay, who enters the scene in the book’s final chapter, for I have been that young woman, too, brilliant and broke and full of opinions. And so as the book comes to a close, I wondered at the sense it left me with, that Faith Frank’s time had passed, and Greer’s was passing, too.

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