Jan. 6 – Lynell George – A Handful of Earth, A Handful of Sky [Christmas Calendar]

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Handful of EarthA Handful of Earth, A Handful of Sky:
The World of Octavia Butler

Lynell George

Hardback: Angel City Press, 2020
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I’ve never read a book quite like this. It’s not a biography, not a study of Butler’s achievement as a writer of science fiction, not an inspirational guide for aspiring writers, though it has elements of all of these genres and more. Lynell George immersed herself in Butler’s archives, “more than three hundred boxes and thousands of personal items.” Along with text, George’s book includes many images from that record of a life, including call-slips for library books Butler had requested, scraps of paper on which she’d written injunctions to herself, and much, much more. What a marvel, a labor of love.


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