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January 5


Women Talking:
A Novel

Miriam Toews

Hardback: Bloomsbury, 2019
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The narrative’s main tension is not precisely the question of what the women will choose to do but how they will manage to negotiate the way forward together. The rising action isn’t so much the work toward a decision to stay or go as it is the work to build a new form of community in their developing practice of conversation. Thus, the novel’s climax is really the decision about what comes next; it is the women’s achievement of a hard-won and, frankly, beautiful unity of purpose. When it comes, it is incandescent.

… Fact and fiction are tenuously tied. But the truth in Women Talking, present in its many voices, is a truth of love, of strength and humor and courage, of righteous anger and minute acts of care, even in the wake of grave evil. For a church still coming to terms with what it means to listen to women talking in the twenty-first century, I’d say this novel is essential reading.

  • from Cynthia Wallace’s review of this book
    that appeared in our Eastertide 2019 magazine issue


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