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Ready or Not:
Leaning into Life in Our Twenties

Drew Moser / Jess Fankhauser

Paperback: NavPress, 2018
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The notion that we will uncover a vocation and pursue it for the rest of our lives is wrong-headed. Deep, vocational living requires participation in the present. That includes understanding the past and preparing for the present, but we need to “live implicated” right when and where we are (xviii). Part of our vocation may be recognizing what we’re doing, doing it sacrificially, and embracing it. Doing that requires finding our rhythms in life, the habits and patterns that fit where we are, without becoming bound to them. Life can be unstable, but we don’t want to “seek to control  everything we can, or … spend all of our moments trying to escape the rut we’re in” (71). The solution isn’t to find perfect balance, but to move gracefully through ups and downs in various areas in our lives.

With that sort of context in place, Moser and Fankhauser can move into specific areas of life where we work out our vocation, namely spirituality, work (yes, that’s part of it), family, church, and community. These areas won’t be the only places we find our calling, but they’re broad enough that it’s hard to find a topic that doesn’t connect in some way. Despite that breadth of coverage, the writers go into plenty of detail on each subject, allowing for careful consideration and practical application for nearly every part of life.

  • from Justin Cober-Lake’s review of this book
    in our Eastertide 2018 magazine issue.


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