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From Brokenness to Community – Book of the Month- Part 4

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From Brokenness to Community
Jean Vanier

Paperback: Paulist Press, 1992.
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We will be reading through the book this month, and posting discussion questions as we go. We hope you will read along with us, and share your thoughts and questions. (Or, even better, get a group of people at your church to read through the book together!)

Part 4:
Pages 40-52

Here are some quotes and questions, please use the comments below to share your own thoughts and questions.

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  When somebody says to me “I find it very painful to live in this community, but I’m here because God called me here,” then I know that person has made a passage from dream to reality. They have found their place.  (40)


Are you being driven by your dreams of community or the reality of community? Does this quote ring true for you? Why or why not?


I have discovered that as I become more open to body language, it helps me to understand better all human relationships.  (41)

Discuss body language and its role in our knowing and communicating with others.


We must learn to celebrate. I say learn to celebrate, because celebration is not a spontaneous event. We have to discover what celebration is. … [Celebration] is what community is about.  (46)

In what ways does your community celebrate?   When do you celebrate? How?


Belonging should always be for becoming (47)

Toward what end do you (or others) belong to your community?


We are not a people who think we are better. We are not an elite.  We are people who are poor, but who have been drawn together by God and put their trust in God. (51)

We feel small and weak, but we are gathered together to signify the power of God who transforms death into life.  (52)

In what ways are these thoughts true in your experience?



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