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Free eBook! GROWING DEEPER by Chris Smith

We are offering a free eBook version of ERB editor Chris Smith’s new book, Growing Deeper in Our Church Communities: 50 Ideas For Connection in a Disconnected Age!  This book aims to offer practical solutions that by the grace of God and the power of the Holy Spirit may help move us away from the disconnectedness that often overshadows our lives, as churches and individuals.

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A brief preview is included below and for download, but you will have to click this button to download the full eBook (PDF format – 10MB):

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Preview of this ebook:

C. Christopher Smith is the founding editor of The Englewood Review of Books. He is also author of a number of books, including most recently How the Body of Christ Talks: Recovering the Practice of Conversation in the Church (Brazos Press, 2019). Connect with him online at: C-Christopher-Smith.com

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Reading for the Common Good
From ERB Editor Christopher Smith

"This book will inspire, motivate and challenge anyone who cares a whit about the written word, the world of ideas, the shape of our communities and the life of the church."
-Karen Swallow Prior

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  1. The book is indeed viewable on a Kindle (mine is a Kindle 2 International) though the text is a tad on the smallish side due to reduction of the PDF for the Kindle’s display.

    If you want to promote this to ebook device owners you might consider making an epub and/or mobi format out of the original text.

  2. Brian —

    Thanks for checking it on the Kindle and for the tips on prepping it for eBook readers. We’ll certainly look into it!

    Chris Smith

  3. There is now a Facebook page for news and discussion related to GROWING DEEPER:


    — Chris

  4. I agree with Brian regarding the e-book on a Kindle. It views very well, with the pages as when viewed in a PDF application, but type is smaller than with a regular Kindle book. Still readable for most people, I think.

  5. That was great advice and lots of information, thanks i cant wait to try it out.

  6. i agree with crystal, its a very good ebook with good advice :)nn http://www.myfree-ebooks.org/nn

  7. hey chris, i have shared this on facebook and twitter. i hope you are well, ken carter

  8. I’d come to recognize with you on this. Which is not something I typically do! I really like reading a post that will make people think.

  9. Very well presented facts, I hope to see more details soon. 

  10. I get the download of the book on my computer but I don’t see how to save it to my computer or Kindle. What am I missing? revwbcjr@gmail.com

    • Not sure how to get it on your Kindle, but to get it on your computer, right-click the purple button (or the CLICK HERE to DOWNLOAD link) and choose “Save Link As…” or “Save As…” option.  Be sure to note where on your computer that you’re saving your file… Once the file is saved, find the location where you saved it (using My Computer or whatever) and doubleclick the file to open it.  You will need Acrobat Reader but most computers these days have that on them already.

  11. Chris Smith is a Canadian singer/songwriter whose music is a blend of various influences including pop, jazz, soul and world rhythms.

  12. Nice work.. I love to read about your post. Thanks for sharing.

  13. I agree!!! its a very good ebook with good advice 🙂

  14. It views very well, with the pages as when viewed in a PDF application, but type is smaller than with a regular Kindle book.

  15. Chris Smith is a Canadian singer/songwriter.

  16. Its a very good ebook with good advice 🙂  Faith and good is very important.

  17. Very nice ebook more useful info I found here.