Episode 2 – with Tim Hoiland and Amy Peterson

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**Note: all 4 initial episodes of the ERB Podcast were recorded before the COVID-19 outbreak in the US. This is why this important event is not mentioned.**

On this episode Chris and Jen are joined by ERB contributors Tim Hoiland and Amy Peterson to discuss their own reading habits, various media for reading, venues for reading well. The panelists have a lively discussion about Amy’s new book, Where Goodness Still Grows, the nature of virtue, and, of course, they talk about a few books they are currently enjoying.

Books mentioned in this episode:

Thanks to our sponsor for this episode, Brazos Press, publisher of the new book, The Church of Us vs. Them by David Fitch.

In his book The Church of Us vs. Them, David Fitch takes a close look at what drives the divisions in our congregations. He traces the enemy-making patterns in church history and diagnoses the divisiveness that marks the contemporary evangelical church. Fitch shows a way for the church to unwind the antagonisms of our day and make space for Christ’s reconciling presence in our day-to-day lives. He offers new patterns and practices that move the church beyond making enemies to being the presence of Christ in the world, helping us free ourselves from a faith that feeds on division.

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