Ellen Davis – Scripture, Culture and Agriculture – Chapter 1 [Theo-Agrarian Book Discussion]

Our friends in the New Agrarianism Facebook Group have decided to start a Theo-Agrarian Book Discussion group. Everyone is welcome to join in this conversation. Our plan is to progress through the book in about 2 months, at a pace of a chapter per week. Each chapter will have its own discussion page but the pages will be linked together.

Ellen DavisThe first book that we will be discussing is Scripture, Culture and Agriculture by Duke Divinity School professor Ellen Davis.

Publisher’s Description: This book examines the theology and ethics of land use, especially the practices of modern industrialized agriculture, in light of critical biblical exegesis. Nine interrelated essays explore the biblical writers’ pervasive concern for the care of arable land against the background of the geography, social structures, and religious thought of ancient Israel. This approach consistently brings out neglected aspects of texts, both poetry and prose, that are central to Jewish and Christian traditions. Rather than seeking solutions from the past, Davis creates a conversation between ancient texts and contemporary agrarian writers; thus she provides a fresh perspective from which to view the destructive practices and assumptions that now dominate the global food economy.

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If you don’t have a copy of the book, buy one now: [ Amazon]  [ Kindle ]

We will use the DISQUS comment system (below) to facilitate our discussion, as it allows threading of conversations. 

  • If you have a new question/comment, please post it as a new thread,
  • However, if you are replying to a question/comment, click the reply link for that question.
  • If you have several unrelated questions that you want to post at once, please post them as separate comments/threads.

If you have any suggestions for how to make this conversation flow more smoothly, drop us an email

Thanks to David Johnston, for providing several questions to get our conversation rolling!

Scripture, Culture, and Agriculture – Ellen Davis
Foreword, Intro, Chapter 1

Next Conversation: Chapter 2 (Will Start on Monday Nov. 12)

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