Dec. 9 – Mitali Perkins – Between Us and Abuela [Advent Calendar]

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December 9


 Between Us and Abuela:
A Family Story from the Border

Mitali Perkins

Hardback: FSG Books, 2019
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*** Best Picture Book of 2019


Reading Between Us and Abuela reminded me of Hans Christian Andersen’s story “The Emperor’s New Clothes,” in its lighthearted mockery of the impotence of powers that be. Perkins’s story is undoubtedly more subtle than Andersen’s, but it is no less powerful (and certainly more timely) in its revelations.

Hope is hard to come by in these dark days of the late modern era, especially hope that isn’t cheap and isn’t founded in falsehoods, but hope is precisely what Mitali Perkins offers in Between Us and Abuela. This is a book that belongs in every library, and one that we should be quick to read and re-read with our children and grandchildren.

 – from our review by ERB editor C. Christopher Smith

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