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December 8


Believe Me: The Evangelical Road
to Donald Trump

John Fea

Hardback: Eerdmans, 2018
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John Fea: Fear has a long history in American evangelicalism. It is most pervasive during times of great social and political change. Sadly, whenever the United States has experienced such changes, evangelicals have led the backlash. Fear has led white evangelicals to embrace some of the worst forms of racism, xenophobia, imperialism, and nationalism. For example, in the early 19th century, evangelicals were at the forefront of nativist efforts to keep Catholics from entering the country. These German and Irish newcomers threatened the Protestant evangelical nation that the evangelicals in power were trying to sustain. In the South, white  evangelicals crafted a pro-slavery theological argument in response to the ever-present fear of slave rebellions. After the Civil War, their “Christian” views on race informed segregation and Jim Crow. African Americans posed a threat to a white evangelical society

 – from our interview with John Fea
in our Eastertide 2018 magazine issue
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