Dec. 7 – John Inazu and Tim Keller – Uncommon Ground [Advent Calendar]

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December 7

Uncommon Ground: Living Faithfully
in a World of Difference

John Inazu and Tim Keller, Eds.

Contributors include Tish Harrison Warren, Lecrae,
Sara Groves, Kristen Dede Johnson, MORE

Hardback: Nelson Books, 2020
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Ed Stetzer: What are some Scriptural examples of how Jesus handled uncommon ground?

John Inazu: Jesus routinely risked social condemnation for the people he encountered in the margins – the tax collector and the Samaritan woman, for example. He would draw near them and model compassionate engagement, even as the religious leaders looked at him with suspicion. But he was always true to who he was and that’s also important for us as Christians. We need to know whose we are and what we believe.

Ed: If you could relay one message, what would it be?

John: We should be the people of hope and confidence and not the people of fear and anxiety. I worry that there is a kind of fear or anxiety narrative in many Christian circles today that causes us to behave differently than we might be doing if we lived into the confidence of the Gospel. We know how the story ends and we know that we can place our trust in the Person of Jesus, and with that kind of hope and confidence, we should be leading the way in engaging a world of difference rather than responding out of fear.

 – from a Christianity Today interview
with John Inazu about this book
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