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The Church of Us vs. Them: Freedom from a Faith That Feeds on Making Enemies
David Fitch

Hardback: Brazos Press, 2019
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For Christians, antagonism is everything that conflict shouldn’t be. Conflict is part of everyday life. Conflict is normal. We should have conflict, if we are human beings because we are limited, and we should encounter things that we haven’t before and likely have disagreements over it. We’re limited, and we sin against each other. Conflict is where God works, but antagonisms happen when we dig in and our identity starts taking shape around a cause in which we make an enemy, and we come to depend on stirring that antagonism. I feel that the study of antagonisms, and the broader study of ideology from which it is drawn, helps us to understand how culture works apart from God, apart from the presence of Christ. This process is empty, when we are caught up in it. We don’t know what we are for; we only know what we are against. The study of antagonisms and how they work became the foundation of this book.

 – from our interview with David Fitch,
which appeared in our Fall 2019 magazine issue


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