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Yuyi Morales

Hardback: Neal Porter Books, 2018
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*** BEST PICTURE BOOK of 2018!!!

Dreamers is almost like a love letter to books and libraries—you’re able to recognize many individual titles in the art and you even include a list of books that inspired you at the end. How did those books shape you as a picture book creator?

One of the biggest surprises I experienced in the children’s section of the library was finding books that told stories of people like me and my son. Stories with characters who spoke Spanish, who had our skin color, and who had come from another country like us. I remember loving Chato’s Kitchen by Gary Soto and Susan Guevara; I couldn’t believe that there was a book in the library about people from el barrio (actually cats, mice, and dogs), dressed, speaking, cooking, and having a family life that resembled mine. These books—and countless others—are the reason why I started making my own books (handmade at first, to emulate the books I loved), and why Dreamers was even imagined.

 – from an interview with Yuyi Morales


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