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Sara Zarr Courageous CreativityCourageous Creativity:
Advice and Encouragement for the Creative Life

Sara Zarr

Hardback: Beaming Books, 2020
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Have an artist on your hands? Besides buying paints or notebooks, toss in Sara Zarr’s awesome book. Full of practical advice and encouragement for creators of all types.
– Erin Wasinger, ERB Contributing Editor on Books for Young Readers
from our 2020 Gift Guide for Young Readers

It can be scary to create something. Before you can even work on your craft, you have to face down the fear of messing up or looking silly, the perfectionism that keeps you from even starting, and the negative voices inside your head that say you don’t have anything valuable to offer.

Well, you do have something to offer! Being creative is a right, and in this book, National Book Award finalist Sara Zarr will help you get started. Her advice and encouragement are paired with exercises to help you face down your fears, let go of expectations, stop comparing yourself to others, and make your art with courage. A perfect gift for anyone who wants to be creative but doesn’t know where to start, or for people who’ve been doing creativity for a while but want more inspiration, Courageous Creativity will empower readers to express themselves with self-confidence, bravery, and joy


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