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As I Recall:
Discovering the Place of Memories in Our Spiritual Life

Casey Tygrett

Hardback: IVP Books, 2018
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Tygrett’s book weaves personal narrative with the biblical story. Memories have to do with the past. Often, we hear that the past doesn’t define us. I’ve made that statement in more than a few sermons. Tygrett wants us to rethink that statement, suggesting as an alternative that the past (our memories) don’t determine us. It might not sound that much different, but in Tygrett’s mind, they are very different. What he wants us to accept is the principle that our pasts do define us. We are a product of our experiences. Some are good. Some are not. When it comes to bad memories/experiences, they will need to be redeemed. This the heart of the book. The invitation to allow God to redeem our memories. What then are our memories? How do they define us? How do might they be redeemed if needed? These are the questions that define the book.


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