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Scandalous WitnessScandalous Witness:
A Little Political Manifesto for Christians

Lee Camp

Hardback: Eerdmans, 2020
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If you’re a Christian who’s fed up with the animosity of the current state of national politics in America, Lee C. Camp has a solution for you: be political in church. While some encourage fellow disciples to leave politics to the politicians and focus instead on mission and evangelism or be a uniting voice seeking middle ground between left and right extremists, Camp believes Christians should be more political, not less. According to Camp, Christians have been brainwashed into thinking their faith is personal, private and spiritual while politics is about the real world. Originally, being a disciple of Jesus was scandalous not because of some private belief or personal principles that guided your life, but because it required a political allegiance which in turn changed the way Christians lived. In a time of intense division in the church, Camp’s way forward is in retracing the early church’s understanding that Christianity is neither right nor left nor religious, but a politic.

Scandalous Witness is a provocative guide for what it means to be the church today. Accessible, articulate and illustrative, it’s short enough to challenge the layperson yet thoughtful enough to enlighten the academic. I hope many Christians in America find this book and digest its implications for recovering the original scandal that was Christianity in the first century.


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