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December 18


A Novel
Silas House

Hardback: Algonquin Books, 2018
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The truth of Southernmost is a truth most of us know, even if we’ve never had to survive a flood or flee everything we thought we knew. Few people get to navigate life without feeling the ground shift at least once. It’s a rare person who doesn’t discover the things they assumed were true were more carefully crafted illusion than anchored reality.

This is the dilemma we face when the waters recede. It is the reality that stares back when the doctor walks out of the room. It is the crisis we cannot avoid when we’re told our services are no longer required.

In the end, it is House’s generosity that anchors Southernmost. There are characters and points of view to which he, and his readers, are more sympathetic. But House has written a book devoid of enemies.

That is one of the many reasons Southernmost is a novel for our moment. At a time when generosity seems in short supply and everyone can appear a threat, House has crafted a story that reminds us of the ways kindness is the healing balm our wounded souls require.

We find that, if we are lucky, in one another. The good life, it turns out, is moored by compassion born of generosity.


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