Dec. 17 – D. Stephen Long- Truth Telling in a Post-Truth World [Advent Calendar]

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December 17


Truth Telling in
a Post-Truth World

D. Stephen Long

Paperback: Wesley’s Foundery Books, 2019
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It is hard to overstate how valuable this book could be for the church today were its lessons to be fully absorbed, not least among those called to proclaim the gospel of the one “full of grace and truth” each week. We have needed just such a sustained investigation, not only of where we are, but how we got to this place where Pilate’s question—”What is truth?”—has such power. Long gives us that, along with at least some suggestions for an ecclesially oriented response. He offers wonderfully practical tools, such as engaging a feminist ethic of care in order to frame proper ethical positions. By asking, “who cared for you and whom do you care for and how can we sustain such care?” we are inviting a personalizing and particularizing vision that can counter the dehumanizing corporate forces that maintain focus on power and value. One might easily imagine Jean Vanier’s teaching also appearing here.

Long’s careful analysis keeps us from falling prey to two particular dangers we face at this time: sliding into thinly veiled partisan hackery, or moving even deeper into confused silence. He urges those of us in the church to restore our capacities for telling the story of Jesus the Truth, so that we can become a deliberative and discerning people who can speak truth and name the lies around us without fear.

  • From our review by Cameron Merrill
    in our Advent 2019 magazine issue



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