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December 16


The Preacher’s Wife:
The Precarious Power of Evangelical Women Celebrities

Kate Bowler

Hardback: Princeton UP, 2019
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*** Best Christian Life Book of 2019!!!

Kate Bowler: I feel so lucky to have been able to write this book, because my little 16-year-old self wanted this book but didn’t even know how to ask for it. I had just been introduced to evangelicalism, and I didn’t know how my spiritual gifts, whatever I thought they were, would ever match what this community said was available to women. I was confused and frustrated—I lacked the language to know that I had been given something that the church needed. We all want to feel like our good gift matters.

I’m hoping that this book offers everybody and maybe especially women more language to account for the discomfort they experience when they’re trying to figure out where their gifts could be best expressed. I want every seminary to be encouraging and facilitating women’s spiritual gifts, and I want women to feel comfortable turning the lock and seeing if the door will open. We have too many tests for female leadership—tests of likability, tests of vulnerability, tests of beauty. A lot of the women I interviewed while researching this book are pretty devout complementarians, and they’re not going to change their mind. But they do find ways to express their gifts within those boundaries. We need to remember that there are always places to serve.

  • From Ashley Hales’s interview with Kate Bowler,
    that will appear in our (very late) Advent 2019 magazine issue.


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