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 Grateful: The Transformative Power of Giving Thanks

Diana Butler Bass

Hardback: HarperOne, 2018
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*** Best Christian Faith-in-Practice Book!


“I became interested in the structure of gratitude over time, through history. It did not occur to me that gratitude was structured into the economic and political culture of western society. For many, many generations, we have been dealing with corrupted structures of gratitude, gratitude that is used as a political tool to support the powerful.

The alternatives to these corrupted uses were communities that understood gratitude and thankfulness and abundance very differently, communities that were often minority communities in western societies (though actually had a pretty strong influence). The ways that communities of women, slaves, native peoples reclaimed gratitude as an empowering practice amazed me and continues to do so even now.

Much of the science literature, and the health and wellness literature, talk about the power of gratitude and its capacity to create human resilience.

But I began to see that gratitude plays into this other word, resistance. Rightly understood, gratitude is both resistance and resilience. That reality was, and still is, very powerful to me. It is one way to live in the political situation of the moment.”

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