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We Will Feast: Rethinking Dinner, Worship, and the Community of God

Kendall Vanderslice

Paperback: Eerdmans, 2019
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First and foremost, my goal is that churches will recognize importance of being together and recognize the value of eating together, in forming community and in addressing some of these divisions that are very real culturally and in the church right now. I hope that they will see the table as a means for moving forward in the midst of division. Also, I really hope that as people come to the book, it challenges every reader in their theology of the Eucharist, in their theology of communion, whether they have a very high church perspective or a very low church perspective. I think that there is something in the book to challenge everyone to ask what happens when we begin by studying the Eucharist as a meal. I would hope that everyone who comes to the book can suspend for a moment their theological convictions, their assumptions and expectations about what the Eucharist is and what it’s meant to do, and can observe what it has done in the experience of many different churches. From there, I hope that readers will be able to move forward and ask how these stories challenge some of their own church’s Eucharistic practices and how these stories affirm some of their expectations of what happens in Eucharist. Readers might then ask how their church might move forward eating together worshipfully in a way that both challenges and affirms their theological convictions.

  • from our interview with Kendall Vanderslice,
    which appeared in our Eastertide 2019 magazine issue.



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