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5 Essential Ebook Deals for Church Leaders – 24 August 2023

Here are 5 essential August 2023 ebook deals that are worth checking out: Kathleen Norris, Jesmyn Ward, Scot McKnight, more…

Each week, we carefully curate a handful of books for church leaders that orient us toward the health and the flourishing of our congregations.


Dakota: A Spiritual Geography

Kathleen Norris

*** $2.99 ***

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the Audiobook for only $7.49!!!

“With humor and lyrical grace,” Kathleen Norris meditates on a place in the American landscape that is at once desolate and sublime, harsh and forgiving, steeped in history and myth (San Francisco Chronicle). A combination of reporting and reflection, Dakota reminds us that wherever we go, we chart our own spiritual geography.



Salvage the Bones: A Novel

Jesmyn Ward

*** $3.99 ***

*** PLUS, Buy the Ebook, and get
the Audiobook for only $7.49!!!

I’ve just read [Salvage the Bones], and it’ll be a long time before its magic wears off . . . [a] fiercely poetic novel . . . What makes the novel so powerful, though, is the way Ward winds private passions with that menace gathering force out in the Gulf of Mexico . . . Without a hint of pretension, in the simple lives of these poor people living among chickens and abandoned cars, she evokes the tenacious love and desperation of classical tragedy . . . A palpable sense of desire and sorrow animates every page here . . . Salvage the Bones has the aura of a classic about it.
– Ron Charles, the Washington Post



Conflict Management and the Apostle Paul

Scot McKnight, et al

*** $2.99 ***

“Living in a world so filled with contention, both inside and outside of the church, we need help working through conflict to restore communication and connection with those around us. Conflict Management and the Apostle Paul gives us a Pauline perspective on life together. The series of articles give fresh insight to a practical blend of biblical instruction and sociological conflict transformation systems.”
–Robin D. Stoops, Executive Minister, American Baptist Churches of Nebraska





Christianity and Evolution: Reflections on Science and Religion

Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

*** $ 1.99 ***

With his unique background as a geologist, paleontologist, and Jesuit priest, Pierre Teilhard de Chardin was a powerful exponent of the view that scientific theories could comfortably coexist with religious faith. To this day, his ideas provoke passionate debates in communities that view science and faith as necessarily separate ideologies.

In this collection of nineteen essays, Teilhard seeks to illuminate a middle ground between science and religion that he felt both disciplines could accept. He explores the Fall and original sin, the possibility of life on other planets, and the role that God may have played in the process of human evolution, successfully challenging contemporary theologians to rethink their views of the universe and its creation.

“An excellent blend of theological speculation with practical or ascetical application.” —Catholic Telegraph



Medieval Christianity: A New History

Kevin Madigan

*** $4.99 ***


“This will undoubtedly be the fundamental narrative account of medieval Christianity for the next generation, smartly and engagingly written.”
—John Van Engen, University of Notre Dame



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Katie Selby is Associate Editor of The Englewood Review of Books. Prior to her family‘s recent transition to the Englewood Christian Church community, Katie served various churches and organizations in Nebraska, East Tennessee, India, and Ethiopia. She is an M.Div. graduate of Emmanuel Christian Seminary at Milligan University.

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