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5 Essential Ebook Deals for Church Leaders – 20 August 2020


Here are 5 essential August 2020 ebook deals that are worth checking out:
( Eucharist, Trauma, Claudio Carvalhaes, MORE)

Each week, we carefully curate a handful of books for church leaders that orient us toward the health and the flourishing of our congregations.


Subversive Meals: An Analysis of the Lord’s Supper under Roman Domination during the First Century

R. Alan Streett

*** $2.99 ***

“Working especially with the New Testament writings of Luke and Paul, Streettdemonstrates the surprisingly political significance of the earlychurch’s Lord’s Supper. That is, the Supper had not only to do with thechurch’s internal life but spoke profoundly of the church’s rejection of Roman imperial ideology and the practices by which it was propagated.” – Joel B. Green


Eucharist and Globalization: Redrawing the Borders of Eucharistic Hospitality

Claudio Carvalhaes

*** $2.99 ***

“Carvalhaes’ work is a wonderfully fresh and thoughtful approach to the big table around which global Christianity gathers. He pushes us to take our cultural differences seriously, as we stand before the enormous gifts inherent in sharing food, drink, life, and challenge.” –Hal Taussig

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Bearing the Unbearable: Trauma, Gospel, and Pastoral Care

Deborah van Deusen Hunsinger

*** $1.99 ***

“”Lovely, powerful, and rich. Deborah van Deusen Hunsinger brings to this book an analyst’s skill, a theologian’s wisdom, and a pastor’s heart, each in turn providing the language, the tools, and the hope needed in the face of great suffering. . . . This book is a treasure in our broken world.” – Katherine Sonderegger


Practicing Witness: A Missional Vision of Christian Practices

Benjamin T. Conner

*** 99c ***

“Combine equal parts of ecclesial practices and missional theology. Add Conner and stir. Bake for a few hours. Voila! Bread of renewal for the churches!” —George Hunsberger


Having Nothing, Possessing Everything: Finding Abundant Communities in Unexpected Places

Michael Mather

*** 99c ***

“What does it look like to live as if the gospel were true? This animating question has inspired and driven the remarkable ministries of the two urban congregations that Mike Mather has served during his three decades of pastoral ministry. He tells powerful, life-changing stories about seeing abundance where no one expects it and finding treasures in people and neighborhoods that most of us typically dismiss out of hand. Having Nothing, Possessing Everything is powerful and true at every level.”
― Craig Dykstra


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C. Christopher Smith is the founding editor of The Englewood Review of Books. He is also author of a number of books, including most recently How the Body of Christ Talks: Recovering the Practice of Conversation in the Church (Brazos Press, 2019). Connect with him online at:

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