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5 Essential Ebook Deals for Church Leaders – 17 December 2020


Here are 5 essential December 2020 ebook deals that are worth checking out:
( Rachel Held Evans, Eugene Peterson, Brian McLaren MORE)

Each week, we carefully curate a handful of books for church leaders that orient us toward the health and the flourishing of our congregations.


Inspired: Slaying Giants, Walking on Water, and Loving the Bible Again

Rachel Held Evans

*** $1.99 ***

If the Bible isn’t a science book or an instruction manual, then what is it? What do people mean when they say the Bible is inspired? When Rachel Held Evans found herself asking these questions, she began a quest to better understand what the Bible is and how it is meant to be read. What she discovered changed her–and it will change you too.


Like Dew Your Youth: Growing Up with Your Teenager

Eugene Peterson

*** 99c ***

“The best little book on the topic this reviewer has come across yet. . . . Peterson knows what he’s talking about, and he offers helpful advice. . . . If you are a parent of teenagers, know parents of teenagers or want to start a discussion or support group for parents of teens, this is the perfect book. I can’t praise it highly enough.” – St. Anthony Messenger

Bargain Theology Books



We Make the Road by Walking: A Year-Long Quest for Spiritual Formation, Reorientation, and Activation

Brian McLaren

*** $2.99 ***

“It is at once inspiring and challenging, ancient and contemporary, intellectually rigorous and profoundly practical. It changed the way I engage Scripture, the way I pray, the way I experience communion, and the way I interact with my neighbors.” ―Rachel Held Evans


Everything in Common?: The Theology and Practice of the Sharing of Possessions in Community in the New Testament

Fiona J.R. Gregson

*** $2.99 ***

“This is an important book. People often raise but then abandon the question of what it meant for the early Church to share good in common. They raise it because it appears to be important but then abandon it because it feels too difficult to find an answer. This book provides a very helpful exploration of the theme that both pays due importance to the question and, by careful exploration of a variety of New Testament passages, begins to provide an answer as to what it meant in practice for them to share. It is clear, well written, thoughtful, and very helpful. I highly recommend it.” –Paula Gooder


The Name of the Rose: A Novel

Umberto Eco

*** $2.99 ***

“Like the labyrinthine library at its heart, this brilliant novel has many cunning passages and secret chambers . . . Fascinating . . . Ingenious . . . Dazzling.”


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