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5 Essential Ebook Deals for Church Leaders – 16 September 2021

Here are 5 essential September 2021 ebook deals that are worth checking out: Wendell Berry, Madeleine L’Engle, Dan Kimball, more…

Each week, we carefully curate a handful of books for church leaders that orient us toward the health and the flourishing of our congregations.


The World-Ending Fire: The Essential Wendell Berry

Wendell Berry

*** $1.99 ***

“Here is a human being speaking with calm and sanity out of the wilderness. We would do well to hear him.” ―The Washington Post Book World


The Love Letters: A Novel

Madeleine L’Engle

*** $2.99 ***

“Superimposing a modern romance on one from the seventeenth-century and carrying the simultaneously emotional involvement of each until they are resolved is a neat trick. This novel does it all successfully.”
—Los Angeles Times



How (Not) to Read the Bible

Dan Kimball

*** $2.99 ***

“There is no one in the world better to write this book than Dan Kimball, and here’s why: the Bible presents many problems to many readers, and they can be forceful and fearless in their questioning traditional beliefs in the Bible. They are not looking for pablum or authoritarian decrees, which is what most offer them. They are looking for ‘professionals’ who see what they see, who feel what they feel, and offer responses that have integrity. It’s because the pastoral heart of Dan Kimball has heard people ask these questions and because he has worked through their issues that this book is designed for Dan to write it. A book full of theological wisdom and pastoral care for honest Bible readers who have genuine and difficult questions about the Bible.”
— Scot McKnight Professor of New Testament Northern Seminary


Seeing Jesus in East Harlem

José Humphreys

*** $4.99 ***

“Attention all hipster pastors who want to reshape the church and world in your image―you do not want this book, but you really need this book. Pastor José Humphreys offers an authentic narrative not based on an unrealistic, romanticized view of urban church life (centered on coffee shops and organic grocery stores). This text provides a biblically and theologically robust vision of an embodied church that should provide a guidepost for the next generation of churches.”
— Soong-Chan Rah, Milton B. Engebretson Professor of Church Growth and Evangelism, author of The Next Evangelicalism and Prophetic Lament


The Next Worship

Sandra Van Opstal

*** $4.99 ***

“In a time of great ethnic diversity―but also division―this book is sorely needed. Van Opstal provides a practical theology and missional framework for why we must rethink the corporate experience of worship. Her vision goes beyond building a diverse worship team or singing songs in an unfamiliar language. I pray every pastor and worship leader will read this book.”
— Efrem Smith, Christianity Today, The 2017 Book Awards



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