Walter Wangerin, Jr. – Everlasting is the Past [Interview]

August 7, 2015 — 1 Comment


Learning to Tell Stories
An Interview with Walter Wangerin, Jr.

By Joe Krall

ERB: You finished Everlasting is the Past in 2012, and you’ve embarked on other projects, including blogging. What does your work look like – are you primarily revising, writing new extended works, blogging?

WWJ: I don’t count myself much of a blogger! I have an assistant who helps me by posting various things, some of which are new and some of which I’ve written before. But that’s almost like a comma in the middle of a sentence as far as things I attend to.

Right now, I am fortunate. All my life, I had wished that writing could be my main endeavor, but for almost all my life it couldn’t be – to pay for food and house, education, so forth. From 1991 to a few years ago, I’ve been teaching at Valparaiso. I am now what you call semi-retired – I’m still on the faculty, and I can still teach as I wish, as I will in the next term. On the other hand, I can finally write as much as I want to. So, six days a week, I am generally in my office from eight o’clock to five or six, on Sunday maybe an hour or two, which means that the water keeps flowing!

Joe Krall is an ERB intern this summer, and a senior at The University of Indianapolis.

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  • Cheryl Barron

    I remember my friend highly recommending “The Book of Sorrows”. She’d borrowed it from a friend. I read it too. We barely had money at all but I found remaindered copies at the bookstore. We were so happy. Each of us found something deeply touching. I had lost babies to miscarrage and was able to cry. My friend shared a quote about war&women&children. We were all poor but this was like water in the desert. Thank you!