The Resurrection [A Theology Reading Guide]

April 13, 2017 — Leave a comment


With Easter upon us this weekend, here is our theology reading list of books that have been helpful for us in understanding the resurrection of Jesus for the life of the church… 


2.  Living the Resurrection: The Risen Christ in Everyday Life

Eugene Peterson

If you celebrate Christ’s resurrection only one day of the year, you’re missing something big. After the resurrection of Jesus, nothing is the same. That truth can become personal for you through the pages of this latest work by Eugene Peterson, beloved pastor, scholar, and translator of The Message. Dr. Peterson takes you back to Jesus’ time so you can experience the Resurrection through the eyes of the biblical witnesses. You’ll be a participant in the story, so its meaning and wonder can enliven your soul as never before. Christ’s friends were utterly transformed by his resurrection. Their friendship, their work, and even their meals together took on a new meaning and purpose. The same can happen to us today. When the Resurrection becomes the core reality of our spiritual formation, our dimmed eyes and dull souls are lifted to a place of continual renewal. Join Eugene Peterson on this pursuit of a more profound spiritual formation, founded on the wonder of Christ’s resurrection. You’ll discover what life is like when every day is Resurrection Day.


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Image Credit: Detail from the cover of
The Resurrection of the Son of God by N.T. Wright.