The Missional Quest – Lance Ford / Brad Brisco [Feature Review]

October 18, 2013


[easyazon-image align=”left” asin=”0830841059″ locale=”us” height=”160″ src=”” width=”107″]Page 3: The Missional Quest – Lance Ford / Brad Brisco


As a book written specifically to existing congregations and church leaders, I would say it certainly hits its target. If you are beginning to ask questions or to feel the frustrations mentioned at the onset of this review, you would do well to get a copy of this work. There is enough theology and praxis to keep you busy unlearning and relearning as you enter into your context.


The one caveat I have with this book is its lack of underscoring the need for patience. There is a paragraph on page 189 asking pastors to “Take it easy.” This is obviously true. Yet, in my personal experience, the water we swim in has told us to be anything but patient. Speed is the unseen factor in all we do. For many of us it has such solidly embedded roots within both our being and doing that we aren’t even aware of how our daily actions epitomize and idolize speed.


Speed is the antithesis of mission, incarnation, and community. If we are ever to implement and engage in these, we must be intentional about patience and being slow. Please, please take your time. I have had many, many conversations with pastors attempting to do the ins and outs described in The Missional Quest and one thing I keep coming back to is the need to slow down.


Read this book. Begin to implement its wisdom. May you be with God.