Ten Theology Books to Watch For – April 2018

April 19, 2018


Here are a some excellent theology* books that will be released this month:

* broadly interpreted, including ethics, church history, biblical studies, and other areas that intersect with theology

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 [easyazon_image align=”center” height=”500″ identifier=”1506425488″ locale=”US” src=”http://englewoodreview.org/wp-content/uploads/2018/04/51oOlh1UmWL.jpg” tag=”douloschristo-20″ width=”333″]

[easyazon_link identifier=”1506425488″ locale=”US” tag=”douloschristo-20″]The Hebrew Bible: Feminist and Intersectional Perspectives[/easyazon_link] 

Gale Yee, Editor

Fortress Press

This volume highlights key issues in the Hebrew Scriptures from the perspective of top feminist biblical scholars. This includes historical critical and literary textual analysis and exegesis, particularly as viewed through feminist and intersectional interpretive lenses. Intersectional lenses include the racial/ethnic, class, Global South, postcolonial, and so forth, and their interconnections with gender.

The introduction to the volume by the editor introduces feminist intersectional biblical scholarship, making the case that this scholarship addresses perspectives that are often missing from even very thorough survey texts: feminist and intersectional issues regarding the women characters, sexual assumptions, sexual and domestic violence, symbolization of women, class and race relations, and so forth.

The essays have been created for students who may be encountering feminist biblical and intersectional scholarship for the first time.

Other contributors to this volume include Carolyn J. Sharp, Vanessa Lynn Lovelace, Corrine L. Carvalho, Melody Knowles, and Judy Fentress-Williams.


[easyazon_image align=”center” height=”500″ identifier=”1939681820″ locale=”US” src=”http://englewoodreview.org/wp-content/uploads/2018/04/51JcZzhtkuL.jpg” tag=”douloschristo-20″ width=”334″]

[easyazon_link identifier=”1939681820″ locale=”US” tag=”douloschristo-20″]The Future of Wisdom: Toward a Rebirth of Sapiential Christianity[/easyazon_link] 

Bruno Barnhart

Monkfish Publishing

“Barnhart seeks and desires no less than a wholehearted rediscovery and reinvigoration of the mystical wisdom tradition that was once a powerful component of Christian spirituality.”―Library Journal

Much like Thomas Merton’s writings, this book recalls that a sapiential (wisdom) consciousness is central to the New Testament and remained the primary mode of theological understanding for more than twelve centuries. It proposes a new birth of this theology and understanding but with a new scope and new power for our time.

Bruno Barnhart was the spiritual director of New Camaldoli Hermitage in Big Sur, California. He authored several books including Second Simplicity: The Inner Shape of Christianity. He died in 2015.


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