Ten Important Women Theologians That You Should Be Reading

March 3, 2017 — Leave a comment


One of the great challenges of the theological academy in the twenty-first century is that it is still dominated by males. In honor of Women’s History Month, here is our recommended list of women theologians that you should be reading and talking about. We have reviewed many recent books by these theologians, and will continue to read and review their work.

NOTE: We are defining theology broadly here, to include biblical studies, ethics, etc.


These theologians are arranged in alphabetical order by their last names… 

Sallie McFague

Sallie McFague is an American feminist Christian theologian, best known for her analysis of how metaphor lies at the heart of how we may speak about God. She has applied this approach in particular to ecological issues, writing extensively on care for the earth as if it were God’s ‘body’. She is is Distinguished Theologian in Residence at the Vancouver School of Theology in British Columbia, Canada. (via Wikipedia)

Excerpt from Models of God



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