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Concrete and Pragmatic Love
A Review of

The Heart of Torah: Essays on the Weekly Torah Portion
Rabbi Shai Held


Hardback: Jewish Pub. Society, 2017
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Reviewed by Jon M. Sweeney

I remember two decades ago when William Morrow announced they were publishing a book of sermons by the chaplain at Harvard. I knew the chaplain, Peter J. Gomes, had published a New York Times bestseller (The Good Book), but that was no excuse for a book of sermons. “No one reads books of sermons,” I said to friends, in all my wisdom. On top of this, the publisher actually titled the book, Sermons. The book was a hit. I remembered those feelings when I received this 2-volume collection of sermons by Rabbi Shai Held. You wouldn’t think reading these sermon-essays would appeal as much as hearing them might. But they’re insightful and inspiring in printed form. I hope they reach a wide audience of not just Jews. Christians need this, too.

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