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Regaining the Spirit of a Child in Adulthood

A Review of

Like A Child: Restoring the Awe, Wonder, Joy and Resiliency of the Human Spirit
Timothy Mooney

Paperback: Skylight Paths, 2014
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Reviewed by Alicia Smock


As the years pass, every person goes through the same, almost seemingly cursed, transformation. In the beginning of their lives, children want the years to fly by so that they may become grown-ups. When those years have passed and adults are wondering where the time has gone, they would do anything to turn the clock back and become a child again.

Of course, all adults are knowledgeable of the fact that one cannot build a time machine and return to childhood. However, there is a way to become like a child once again and that is to unlock the inner child-like spirit hiding within every adult. Rev. Timothy J. Mooney has explored this in further detail by researching the Bible, well-known people of the past, people he has met throughout his life, and through his own experiences, compiled in his new book Like A Child: Restoring the Awe, Wonder, Joy, and Resiliency of the Human Spirit.

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