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The Heterodox Yoder - Paul MartensA Review of

The Heterodox Yoder

Paul Martens.

Paperback: Cacade Books, 2012.
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Reviewed by Branson Parler.

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The Forest and the Trees:
Engaging Paul Martens’ The Heterodox Yoder

By Branson Parler
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For those interested in the thought and legacy of John Howard Yoder, Paul Martens continues to be an engaging and provocative voice. In The Heterodox Yoder, Martens clarifies and crystallizes his overall reading of Yoder, which he began exploring in his earlier work.[1] Martens continues to raise important questions surrounding Yoder’s thought and, in doing so, forces us back to Yoder’s text. I will briefly survey his argument before offering a lengthy critique that engages specific points in detail.
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