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Lent is almost upon us again …

(Ash Wednesday is Feb 18…)

I’ve been asked a few times recently to recommend some books on Lenten themes that churches might read and discuss this year during Lent. And since, I think reading and discussing books together is an important practice for the health and well-being of churches, here are 10 new-ish books that would be appropriate for reading and discussion during Lent.  I offer each one with a brief explanation of why I have included it.

NOTE: I’m not recommending that any church or individual should read ALL of these books during Lent, but wanted to offer a range of options so that churches might have some flexibility in picking a book to read and discuss during Lent.

Meeting God in Mark: Reflections for the Season of Lent

By Rowan Williams

I’ll start with the only traditional collection of Lenten reflections on this list.  Normally, I’m not a big fan of this sort of devotional-type books, but Rowan Williams is always thoughtful (and sometimes provocative), and this book’s focus on Mark’s Gospel challenges us to stay focused on Jesus, which is an important reminder in our age of ideology.

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The Miracle of Word Made Flesh
A Feature Review of 

What Your Body Knows About God: How We Are Designed to Connect, Serve and Thrive
Rob Moll

Paperback: IVPress, 2014
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Reviewed by Kristin Williams
As a mother and a runner, some of my most intensely personal experiences of God have happened during time when I have also been in the midst of the most intense physical experiences of my life.  I felt God’s presence when I was in labor with both of my children, and especially toward the end of the long and difficult birth of my daughter.  God meets me in personally significant ways when I am out running, especially when I feel like I am reaching my physical limits.  This physical/spiritual connection has helped me understand why we encourage our children to fold their hands and bow their heads to pray or why we lift our hands in worship.  Our bodies are made to connect with God.

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