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Today is the birthday of twentieth-century French philosopher Simone Weil, born 1909.

Here’s a wonderful and concise overview of why Weil’s work matters, and especially to Christians.

This is Leslie Fiedler’s introduction to Weil’s book:

Waiting For God
Simone Weil

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To be rooted is perhaps the most important and least recognized need of the human soul.”
– Simone Weil, philosopher,
born on this date, 1909
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The Wake Up Call
Poem of the Day:
Song of the Chattahoochee
Sidney Lanier,

who was born on this day, 1842
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Kindle Ebook Deal of the Day:
Let Justice Roll Down

By John M. Perkins
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The Wake Up Call – February 3, 2015


Amy FrykholmIn 2013, we are encouraging our readers to mix up their reading habits, and read (or re-read) classics in addition to new books, such as the ones we review here in the ERB.


Broadly speaking, a classic is any book that is not a new book, or in other words that is worth reading five, ten or even one hundred years after its initial publication. ERB Editor Chris Smith has an article on The Huffington Post website arguing for reading a mix of classics and new books in 2013.


We’ve asked a number of noted writers to pick the classics that they often return to, and we will be running these lists as a weekly feature on our website through 2013.

This week’s post in the series is by Amy Frykholm.

Writers on the Classics:
[ #1 – Shane Claiborne ] [ #5 (Last Week) – Doug Worgul ]

Amy Fykholm is Associate editor of The Christian Century, and regularly writes for a number of publications on religion, culture and spirituality. She is the author of three books in the field of religion and culture, ranging in subject matter from the end times to medieval mysticism to contemporary sexuality, but held together by their curiosity about the stories humans tell about God.  Read our review of her recent book Julian of Norwich: A Contemplative Biography.


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