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Revolution Day
By Marcus Goodyear
(from Barbies at Communion,
Recognized as one of our picks for Best Poetry Book of 2010.)

for Amy Goodyear

Under French and Swiss, it loops
straddling resistance and neutrality
in tunnels that are many stories
tall. They’ll accelerate particles.
Who knows what that means—
except their white coats and access keys.

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This week marked the 30th anniversary of the assassination of El Salvadoran priest Oscar Romero.  In commemoration of this anniversary, Jamie Moffett filmmaker of such documentaries as The Ordinary Radicals and most recently Return to El Salvador, a film narrated by Martin Sheen that “brings the hopes of the Salvadoran people to light and helps find significant ways to walk with them in their journey,” has released Mothers In Arms, a companion book which traces the stories of women who took up arms in the El Salvadoran civil war in the 1980s.  The book is available in an ebook format in either English or Spanish and a hardcover edition is available for pre-order.

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Video introduction the book by co-author Betsy Morgan.

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“Yoder’s pièce de résistance?”

A Review of
Christian Attitudes to
War, Peace and Revolution.

by John Howard Yoder.
Edited by Ted Koontz and Andy Alexis-Baker.

 Reviewed by Chris Smith


Christian Attitudes to
War, Peace and Revolution.

John Howard Yoder.
Edited by Ted Koontz and Andy Alexis-Baker.

Paperback: Brazos Press, 2009.
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In these days, when governments promise us endless war, the people of God need serious reflection on the ethics of war and our responsibility to follow faithfully in the way of Christ Jesus.  Into this crucial era, Brazos Press has just offered up an essential text on the Christian ethics of war from the late Mennonite theologian John Howard Yoder, Christian Attitudes to War, Peace and Revolution.  This book was compiled from lectures in a seminary course of the same name, which Yoder taught year after year over the course of three decades from 1966 to his death in 1997.  Christian Attitudes spans the history of the Christian tradition from its earliest years to the present, exploring the various perspectives that churches have taken on military cooperation, with special attention to those positions characterized by their opposition to Christian participation in the military.  It is a tribute to the excellent editorial work of Ted Koontz and Andy Alexis-Baker, who assembled and refined this work from Yoder’s lectures, that a work of this scope, stature and rigor can read so clearly and be packed into a little over 400 pages – (not including study guides and other end material).  Yoder’s work here should be understood as a dialogue with Roland Baintain’s heralded work of a similar name, Christian Attitudes toward War and Peace, which served as a textbook for the course on which this new book is based.  Continue Reading…