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John Alexander - Being Church“Oh, There’s an Election?”

A Review of

Being Church: Reflections on How to Live as the People of God

John Alexander

Paperback: Cascade, 2012
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Reviewed by Ragan Sutterfield.

Reading John Alexander’s Being Church was an exercise in manic-depression.  I found myself alternatively soaring in the yeses of insight and then wallowing in the despair that so many of my own experiences of church are so far from the church to which Alexander is calling us.  It is a book that will make you long for something better and then ask God, “Why, oh why has the church not lived up to its promise?!”  Alexander has some answers for this of course, and he also offers an outline of the hard work to get us out of Babylon and into the kind of church family to which God has called us.  Alexander knows the church from the inside—he’s seen communities come and go, he grew up in the heart of evangelicalism, his journey is one of trying to find what it was that God meant when God called us to be Christ’s body in the world.

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An excerpt from the classic book

Does God Need The Church? Toward a Theology of the People of God.

Gerhard Lohfink.

Paperback: Michael Glazier Books, 1999.
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Editor’s note: This is one of the primary works that provides the theological undergirding for our Slow Church book.

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“Reconciling the Biblical Story

A Review of
The Politics of Yahweh:
John Howard Yoder, The Old Testament and the People of God.

by John Nugent

Reviewed by Chris Smith.

[ This book was chosen as an Englewood Honor Book,
as one of the Best books of 2011! Click Here for the full list… ]

The Politics of Yahweh - John NugentThe Politics of Yahweh:
John Howard Yoder,
The Old Testament and the People of God.

John Nugent
Paperback: Cascade Books, 2011.
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Excerpt #1: Overview of the Old Testament Story
(Appendix B – PDF)

Excerpt #2: Yoder’s Reading of the Pre-Flood Era

For most Christians, the Old Testament is difficult.  What sense can we make of all its wars, violence and crudity, and of the God who is guiding Israel through all of these things?  There are undoubtedly many parts of the Old Testament that are difficult to reconcile with the person and mission of Jesus that we find in the New Testament.  To resolve these tensions, some people turn to dispensationalism, but that turn raises some tough theological questions about the unchanging nature of God and about how we are to understand God’s mission in the world.  Marcionism, the heresy of rejecting the Old Testament, is a temptation for others, and I imagine that many people – including myself at many times in the not-too-distant past – are attracted to a sort of functional marcionism that affirms the Old Testament as part of the Bible, but largely ignores it because we cannot make sense of it.

For those who believe that the Old Testament is an important part of the story of what God is doing in the world, but yet can’t make sense of how it relates to the life and mission of Jesus and his followers that we find in the New Testament, John Nugent’s new book The Politics of Yahweh will come as a breath of fresh air.

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